Innovations for High Performance microelectronics

Function: Coordinator

Person responsible: Jesús Gutiérrez Terán


IHP has a team of 270 scientists and professionals with core competence in wireless communication system design, RF-circuit design, material research, and process technology. As a member institute of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Society, the core funding comes from the German Federal Government and the State Government of Brandenburg. The institute aims at establishing the region of East-Brandenburg as a high-tech region and creating jobs through innovation. The IHP uses its research and development competences to enhance the competitiveness of German and European businesses and works closely with the Federal and State Governments to attract international companies to the region.

Role within 5G-VICTORI​

IHP will be the 5G-VICTORI Project Coordinator and, therefore the main contact towards the EC. As well, IHP will be the main partner coordinating tasks within the 5G-PPP framework and establishing links to ICT-17 Projects. As technical contributions to the Project, IHP will be in charge of defining and planning the extensions of the Berlin platform, together with the definition of the integration steps and connection of the extensions. IHP will also expose the necessary functionalities of its mmWave solution to upper layers via APIs. Regarding the contribution to use cases, IHP will support the definition of the digital mobility use case and the one on high performance media provision. For both tasks, the deployment, configuration of the infrastructure to support the use cases (mmWave small cells) will be analyzed. The deployment efforts will focus on the Berlin site with small cells to allow large-field trials execution at the Berlin Central station, and with mmWave small cells deployed along the Railway track in Patras.


The institute focuses on developing innovative solutions for wireless communications. Its expertise ranges from the system and circuit design to the implementation and optimisation of protocol stacks and the development of system-enabling CMOS compatible technology modules. IHP has a long experience in the wireless systems research especially in design and implementation of the PHY and MAC layers. IHP participated in three key EU FP7 projects in the field of wireless broadband communications: MIMAX and OMEGA, as well as being Project Coordinator and contributing with mmWave point-to-multipoint beamforming chipsets, localization algorithms and system integration and prototyping in the 5G-PPP Phase-1 project 5G-XHaul, as well as in the Phase-2 Project 5G-PICTURE. IHP is currently bringing as well its expertise in development and deployment of mmWave systems to the Phase-3 Project 5GENESIS.

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