Vertical demos over common large scale field trials for rail, energy and media industries

Vertical demos over common large scale field trials for rail, energy and media industries
5G-VICTORI will conduct large scale trials for advanced vertical use case verification focusing on:
Factories of the future
Cross-vertical use cases

News & Events

.@upatras (Patras5G) supports the 5G trials of Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO – ADMIE)
@HorizonEU @5GPPP #5G #H2020
... https://www.5g-victori-project.eu/2021/12/university-of-patras-patras5g-supports-the-5g-trials-of-independent-power-transmission-operator-ipto-admie/

5G and Clever Caching Technology in Vehicles to Enable Seamless Media Streaming Onboard
via @Railway_News @HorizonEU @5GPPP #5G #H2020
... https://railway-news.com/paxlifes-ceo-to-discuss-5g-connectivity-rail-data-at-it-trans-2022/

Europe launches first large-scale 6G Research and Innovation Programme The newly created Joint Undertaking on Smart Networks and Services towards #6G #SNSJU adopted its first Work Programme 2021-2022 ... with a public funding of about €240 million https://bit.ly/32fATn4


Project Outcomes


  • Design and prototype an open 5G infrastructure capable of instantiating and co-hosting various vertical sectors. This will be based on leading industry and open source technologies supporting very diverse service requirements with guaranteed QoS adopting the concepts of slicing and virtulization.

  • Multiple-5G platform integration to facilitate cross-border operation of vertical industries involving various EU member states, substantially reducing the life-cycle cost of transportation, energy, media and factories of the future.

  • Flexible network architecture enabling function deployment and relocation of vertical-specific network functions based on the requirements in terms of capacity, latency and reliability.

  • Purposely extend the three 5G-PPP Platforms developed under the ICT-17-2018 and the 5GUK platform with appropriate HW/SW in support of the Transportation, Media, Energy, Factoryof the Future verticals.

  • Encompass new business model definitions supporting the shift from "network as an asset" to "network as a service" model vision. Replace vertical specific networks (telecom, rail, energy) with public networks supporting in parallel several vertical industries use cases

  • Impactful contributions towards standardisation bodies, involving vertical actors, for what concerns the second phase of 5G standardisation. Participation of key European industrial partners with high standardisation impact is desired.