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Field Trials and Workshop in Greece mark the final milestone for the 5G-VICTORI Project

The 5G-VICTORI consortium will gather in Patras and Athens from Monday, June 26th, to Wednesday, June 28th, to conduct their ultimate Field Trials and a workshop dedicated to 5G and vertical industries.

During the first two days, the consortium will convene at the University of Patras, joined by representatives from the European Commission. Their objective is to present and demonstrate the project trials, showcasing innovative results that highlight 5G’s capacity to meet the requirements of various Use Case services, including transportation, media, energy, and industry-related sectors.

On Wednesday, June 28th, the workshop titled “5G adoption: an enabler for vertical industries” will take place at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a confirmed attendance of over 60 participants. This interactive session will delve into the pivotal role of 5G as an enabler for verticals such as automotive, energy, and media.

These final field trials and the forthcoming workshop serve as a significant milestone for the 5G-VICTORI Project, offering insights into the potential of 5G for vertical industries.

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