UC #1.2: Digital Mobility (Bristol)

One of the most demanding UCs for future mobile networks is the emerge of AR/VR technologies, which do not only require high throughput but also very strict latency performance. It is essential for a network to stay within such strict performance requirements, even when a handover is taking place. This UC challenges the capabilities of future 5G networks, being a representative deployment the 5G UK test network, which is being extended towards the implementation of this UC.

For the Digital Mobility UC (UC #1.2) a total of three applications (Apps) will be showcased.

Each App involves provisioning of a different service:

  • Application 1 (App 1) will provide immersive media and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual reality (VR) services to travellers.
  • Application 2 (App 2) involves a 360° VR Multi-camera Live streaming and focuses mainly on large user connectivity and greater number of users
  • Application 3 (App 3) involves an AR journey.


5G-VICTORI Bristol Facility

The 5G-VICTORI facility in Bristol extends the 5GUK Test Network, hosted/owned by the University of Bristol (UNIVBRIS), towards the implementation of the Digital Mobility related UCs.

Developed solution

The baseline functionality and available infrastructure is built as part of the 5GUK test network available through the Smart Internet Lab of the University of Bristol. The 5GUK Test Network coverage is extended towards the location of the SS Great Britain museum with an additional ‘Nomadic’ node that is deployed on a boat. Users follow a route that allows their devices to utilise various Radio Access Technologies (RATs) while moving around either on foot, or on a boat. The Bristol cluster partners’ solutions are integrated with the 5GUK Test Network.

The 5G Nomadic node will provide the required mobility services onboard the boat. It supports seamless service provisioning around SS Great Britain or at locations where the 5GUK Test Network’s coverage is not sufficient for the requirements of the UCs.

Service Deployment

App 1 will provide immersive media and AR/VR services to travellers starting from the MShed museum. A synchronous 360° tour guide at specific geolocations will be given to a group of users with 5G connectivity. One of the main focuses of App 1 is user mobility.

App 2 involves a 360° VR Multi-camera Live streaming and focuses mainly on large user connectivity and greater number of users. A remote training class taking place at the University of Bristol (MVB) is attended by users via 360° VR in real-time from anywhere in Bristol with access to the 5GUK network. The key metric of App 2 is number of concurrent users and the achieved bitrate.

App 3 will provide passengers with specific location guidance and multi-modal transport journey planning beyond the starting location using AI techniques.

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