UC #4.2: LV Energy Metering

Smart energy metering is one of 5G-VICTORI’s use cases, as extension of 5G-EVE (ICT 17) capabilities hosted in Alba Iulia Municipality (AIM). This energy metering use case pursues the provision of smart energy metering services for public buildings and street lighting in the Alba Iulia Smart City environment in Romania. Smart energy metering UC over 5G will address multiple challenges of energy monitoring field:

  • lack of monitoring/ no real time monitoring or location dependable monitoring for substations and energy infrastructure.
  • rigid, closed, with limited scalability and highly expensive existing solutions mostly based on SCADA technology
  • dependency by supplying vendor from technical and operational perspective (by sensing, data gathering, processing, communication, interfacing, integration knowledge and access to information)

5G-VICTORI France/Romania Facility

This facility involves the French sites (Paris and Sophia Antipolis) and two Romanian sites, one in Bucharest and one in Alba Iulia Municipality (AIM), to instantiate in the two former both 5G RAN and Core functions. The Bucharest site plays the role of IP interconnection point between France and Romania and also connects the AIM site to the cluster for service deployment. The Bucharest site is also the test site for the 5G network elements deployment.

The implemented 5G-VICTORI services need to be integrated in 5G-EVE (highly complex environment) and ready to be deployed within the resulting 5G-VICTORI infrastructure (Paris/Sophia-Antipolis/Bucharest/AIM) to support the UCs.

Developed solution

The proposed UC will evaluate the interconnection of energy metering devices/ infrastructure with the data control and management platform through a multi-tenant and resource sharing slice infrastructure providing the required intelligence for smart grid operation. To achieve this, low cost/ low energy consuming devices are installed across the city that will operate through LTE-M / 5G-NR access layers. Several AIM public institution buildings have been selected for energy metering use case demonstrations. The use case is addressing energy low voltage application deployment, instantiation orchestration and low voltage metering data collection from AIM public building endpoints scattered across a city. Collected measurements will be transferred to the 5G-VICTORI central cloud facilities to be stored, processed and analyzed by the Telemetry platform. Advanced analytics will be used for operational performance follow-up and consumption monitoring. Figure 1 depicts the high-level view of the UC network setup.

Figure 1 Smart Energy Metering in Alba Iulia – Descriptive diagram of UC #4 (LV scenario)

The UC is deployed on a multi-domain and multi-orchestrator network infrastructure provided by 5G-EVE project thru through a 5G-VICTORI portal named the 5G-VICTORI Infrastructure Operation System (5G-VIOS). Via this platform the vertical can register, deploy, experiment and monitor the UCs [2]. The French cluster of the 5G-EVE has extended in Romania with another two site facilities: Bucharest and Alba Iulia. The aforementioned portal is deployed in Bucharest, connected via an IPSec tunnel with Chatillon cluster.

Service Deployment

The UC is designed to provide:

  • Real-time LV energy metering
    • metering data collection from endpoints deployed at the AIM locations.
    • collected measurements will be transferred to the 5G-VICTORI central cloud facilities to be stored, processed and analysed by the telemetry platform.
    • UC’s will be demonstrated over the 5G-EVE infrastructure providing energy metering services for energy consumers like public buildings and street lighting in AIM.
  • Energy Analytics for predictive and proactive maintenance for AIM LV infrastructure
    • energy analytics application development for real time & historical view as well as reporting of status and parameters.
    • advanced reports focusing on usage, running cycles & times, operational status for AIM LV devices will be developed.
    • QoS graphical visualization and reporting based on LV energy sensor collected data.

alerting events and incidents provoking real time triggers, based on measured parameters and predefined threshold.

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