Function: Partner

Person responsible: Navid Nikaein


EURECOM ( is a research and teaching institute located in the Sophia Antipolis Technopole in the South of France. EURECOM’s research activity focuses on 3 domains which have led to the creation of three research departments: Networking & Security, Multimedia Communications, and Communication Systems. EURECOM has an approximate budget of 10.2 million Euros of which 5.2 million are from research contracts. It has some 150 employees among which 126 are scientists (25 professors, 26 engineers, 75 PhD. students).

The Communication Systems Department has its focus on digital signal processing for communication systems, information theory, 4th and 5th generation cellular radio systems, wireless protocols, mobile adhoc/mesh networks, software radios, and SW and HW prototyping. In addition to fundamental research, the department has strong expertise in both open-architecture real-time radio platforms ( as well as agile 5G service platforms ( for use in publicly-funded research projects aiming at demonstrating innovations at all protocols layers (RF to applications).

Role within 5G-VICTORI​

EURECOM will plan of indoor and outdoor facilities and conduct a small-scale testing in the SophiaTech Campus based on the OpenAirInterface (OAI) platform, which is one major pillar in the 5G-EVE platform. EURECOM will also conduct the validation plan and field trial plane over the integrated platform deployed at the SophiaTech Campus. Additionally, it will develop the ongoing standardized interfaces defined by the 3GPP among RAN and CN entities, namely F1/E1, X2/Xu as well as the RAN and CN fronthaul and control interface. EURECOM will support with the latest OAI platform to facilitate the transportation service in Greece related to both railway and bus. We will also jointly provide our expertise for the demonstration plan for the rail services, and partners can utilize our provided platform to deploy their vertical use case.


EURECOM will bring the following expertise into the project:

  • 4G and 5G mobile networking and prototyping (RAN + MEC + CN)
  • Ethernet-based transport network network for fronthaul and mid-haulprotocol split
  • Experimentation and validation methodology, and field trail

In particular, EURECOM and teams have significant and well-known experience in the architecture design, system validation methodology and tools, prototyping of real-time wireless systems and service platforms both. Moreover, it has a history of providing experimental platforms and radio equipment to partners in EU/National collaborative project frameworks.

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