Media streaming services enabled in trains - Concept and Lab test

Since the world has become digital and with the multiplication of smartphones, people are consuming more and more data, at home, at work and when they travel.

A huge amount of ...
this data is due to the increasing use of streaming services: SVOD subscriptions have passed from 300 000 subscriptions in 2010 to over 140 million in 2020 (source: European Audiovisual Observatory “Trends in the VOD market in EU28”). Enabling passengers to stream their media services onboard trains is however a huge challenge for transport operators and network providers alike: cellular networks do not have enough capacity and the WiFi infrastructure cannot cope with the steep increase in data usage.

Allowing the seamless delivery of media streaming services onboard trains has been one of the subjects of research of the 5G VICTORI project consortium since 2019. This video explains the first phase - the lab test - of the developed concept: bringing what is requested by media users closer to their location - onboard of the trains - by using smart caching of regularly consumed content on the servers embedded in the vehicles - leveraging 5G for the rapid transfer of large amounts of data while the trains is at the station.

The second phase will showcase the developed solution in a live train environment.

PaxLife Innovations, RBB, IHP, Fraunhofer FOKUS and Deutsche Bahn are partners in this project.
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