ORANGE Romania

Orange Romania S.A.

Function: Partner

Person responsible: Cristian Patachia Sultanoiu


Orange Romania is the mobile telecommunications market leader in Romania with over 10.9 million customers in February 2018 and over 2500 employees. Orange Romania is part of the Orange Group, one of the largest multi-national corporations in the world with a strong leadership in innovation and over 272 million customers over 5 continents. Orange Romania has invested well above 2.5 billion EUR since 1997 and is constantly investing in the network development, new technologies, products and services. In the Romanian market, Orange Romania has been the first operator to launch new technologies like EDGE, HSDPA, Blackberry solution, HD Voice, Extra Signal solution using Femtocells, Operator Wi-Fi / Passpoint, OTT TV stick, VoLTE and VoWi-Fi as well as the 1st operator to introduce 4G+ based on carrier aggregation technology and to demonstrate 1Gbps. Positioning itself as a leader in Research, Development and High Tech Telecommunications, Orange Romania features an Technical Department, managing existing and new technologies, products and services and piloting their techno-economical assessment and integration in the network: VoLTE services, migration towards a future proof multi-VAS platform, Network Function Virtualisation, Software-Defined Networking use cases testing and cloud native applications. Orange Romania combines the scientific potential of academic personnel with the skills of its engineers in market-oriented and creativity of students (the most demanding and technologically aware community) in order to create an environment designed for innovative testing and new services development. Orange Romania offers its clients, individuals and companies, a complete range of communication solutions, from basic services up to integrated solutions for voice and mobile and fixed data. In addition, the Development & Innovation team is coordinating Orange Educational Program, Orange Fab Romania accelerator, Innovation Labs pre-accelerator and several Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects on various topics such 5G PPP technologies and systems, next generation emergency services and critical infrastructure security.

Role within 5G-VICTORI​

Orange Romania will assist defining per site the timeline and progress of the different upgrades to be carried out on the demo sites, and to task 3.3 to help in the design of the 5G-VIOS. Additionally, Orange Romania will be involved in the the transportation and energy and factory of the future vertical use cases involving on-site execution in the 5G-EVE infrastructure linked with the Orange Romania network in Romania. It will be involved in the Technology Integration, Validation and field trial in the 5G-EVE Platform linked with the Orange Romania network in Romania.


Orange Romania is interested to exploit the project outcomes in the same way it exploited the results from 5G-PPP Phase 2 projects in the direction of prototyping new products and services. In case of SliceNet and MATILDA the focus was and still is on building sustainable smart territories products and applications such as the ones presented here that are fully aligned with the principle and objectives of the vertical applications from 5G-VICTORI. The collaboration on two 5G-PPP Phase 2 projects (SliceNet and MATILDA) is focusing on smart city products and applications, one of the case being the Intelligent Lighting System. The vertical businesses that will be adapted and integrated with Orange Romania 5G infrastructure from 5G-VICTORI will provide relevant materials for Orange Romania product management team to design and propose 5G vertical applications and products.

Orange Romania dissemination target groups are: Romanian Technical Universities students, assistants and professors, customers from business sector and public sector and high-tech entrepreneurs. Moreover, Orange Romania will disseminate the project result within Orange Affiliates.

Orange Romania will contribute to the dissemination activities with at least 6 technical workshops performed in the context of Orange Educational Program involving at least 500 students and academic staff from Technical Universities from Romania. Moreover, Orange Romania will promote the value, the benefits and the technical enablers of the project in the high-tech conferences and workshops including IEEE Communications conferences held in Bucharest. Orange Romania is actively involved in organizing DefCamp that is one of the most important cyber security conference from East Europe. In this context we can bring in front of the audience the results from the project pilots stressing the benefits of using this platform. During the public events such as Smart City caravans where both business and public authorities are attending we will have the opportunity to present the outcome of our research and to collect feedback and additional proposal that we may consider for fine tuning the use cases and the architecture. Another set of activities are related to the high-tech start-ups where ORO is active through the Innovation Labs pre-accelerator and Orange Fab accelerator programs and where we can organize hackathons, Tech Talks and awareness sessions.


Orange Romania is also co-chairing the 5G-PPP Software Networks Working Group with the purpose to analyse and address unification and applicability of key research topics related to Software Networking including software defined concepts, infrastructures, systems and components for Wire and- Wireless Networks, including Networked Clouds, IoT and Services, i.e. Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) as developed and promoted by the 5G PPP projects.

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