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Orange Romania participates in the 2020 Mosaic5G Virtual Workshop

Mosaic5G is holding a virtual workshop on December 3rd, 2020, to inform the community about the latest status and usage of Mosaic5G platforms and its roadmap for future development. 5G-VICTORI partner Orange Romania will participate with the presentation entitled ‘5G-VICTORI verticals experimented in Romania on top of open-source 5G platforms‘ (9:40-10:00 am.)

The workshop will also provide a training sessions and live use-case demonstration on four platforms: FlexRAN, LL-MEC, Kube5G, and Store. From its inception till now, Mosaic5G stack has made it possible to use the OpenAirInterface 4G/5G software platforms on as-a-service basis leveraging SDN, NFV/cloud-native, and MEC technology enablers. The workshop will be a great opportunity to share experiences and visions with the community.

Registration to the workshop is available here.

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