Mativision Limited

Function: Partner

Person responsible: Anthony Karydis


London/UK-based Mativision Limited is the market leader in producing and delivering interactive 360 video content and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences from live and recorded events, leveraging our proprietary Mativision® technology and end-to-end workflow. Since 2012, our team have delivered immersive projects and VR-live-streams, from across the globe, to worldwide audiences for major clients including Facebook, Google, Fox, MTV/Viacom, Unilever, Novartis, Jeep, Coach and several others.

Role within 5G-VICTORI​

Mativision will be responsible for a Use Case aiming to demonstrate the benefits of the 5G network infrastructure by enabling the delivery of high-quality immersive & interactive experiences exploiting the company’s experience, technology and know-how in Mixed Reality applications. Mativision will capture and generate 360-degree video and CGI content and will develop a bespoke interactive content playback application (HTML5) which will be installed on the pop-up networks to present interactive, user-controlled geolocated 360 content. This bespoke application will allow the demonstration of the use of the pop-up networks by presenting to visitors interactive, user-controlled geolocated 360 content.


  • Widely recognised worldwide, Mativision is the trusted partner for the live streaming in VR of events of any scale from small venues to stadiums and arenas, as well as the distribution of VR content to an unlimited number of viewers without any geographical limitations.
  • Mativision has live-streamed in VR MTV’s European Music Awards (the top event in Viacom’s annual calendar), for three years in a row (2015-Milan, 2016-Rotterdam, 2017-London), reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers every year. Our Live Stream with multiple 360-degree cameras, controllable by viewers from FOX’s American Idol’s Season 10 finale from Los Angeles, reached 3,400,000 viewers. Our 18-hour long continuous, uninterrupted Live Stream from three different cities in Norway on the National Constitution Day in 2017, commissioned and delivered directly to Facebook, reached one million viewers.
  • In 2016 the company delivered the world’s first live stream to VR of a surgical operation from St Barts, London.
  • In addition to its successful track-record in media and entertainment, Mativision is helping build the future of VR in Medical Education & Training, delivered through the proprietary VLIPPmed™ mobile VR platform, the first global VR platform focusing on Medical VR, which has 100,000 installations worldwide. Mativision’s VRinCR® and VLIPPclass©, VR-based Seminar Delivery systems allow any classroom to deliver VR-experiences, using multiple synchronized devices and VR Headsets.
  • Mativision also develops customised AR and MR applications and have delivered such bespoke applications to global customers like Unilever and Novartis, as well as health/education partners such as the University of Turku Hospital (Finland) and the Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust Fund.
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