Zeetta Networks


Function: Partner

Person responsible: Vassilis Seferidis


Zeetta Networks is a spin-off from the University of Bristol offering Open Networking solutions for heterogeneous networks i.e. networks consisting of any combination of optical, wireless, packet-switched or Internet of Things (IoT) network elements.

Zeetta’s main product is a software-defined network (SDN) operating system called NetOS® that provides a single, converged and secure platform for monitoring, managing and automating the operations of heterogeneous networks. NetOS® uniquely manages simultaneous data flows between different types of connected devices in a large scale. This integrated and scalable approach significantly increases network performance and efficiency. Zeetta Networks has a core software development team of 10 engineers with over 50 years’ experience in network engineering, Software-Defined Networks and Virtualisation from companies like CISCO, Brocade, Microsoft, Nokia, HP and Orange.

Zeetta’s commercial and technical teams have extensive experience in managing and delivering large multi- disciplinary national and European projects. For example, Zeetta is leading the ICT-related work packages of REPLICATE, a €25million Lighthouse Horizon2020 EU project focusing on the development of appropriate ICT platforms (such as NetOS®) for the integration of Energy Management and Mobility for resilient Smart City deployments in three European cities: Florence, San Sebastian and Bristol. Other SDN-related, European Projects that Zeetta’s technical team has been actively involved in include: OFELIA, ALIEN and FIBRE.

Zeetta Networks has also partnered with Bristol Ashton Gate Stadia in a world-first stadia SDN WiFi technology trial. Zeetta Networks will be using Ashton Gate as a ‘live lab’ to test a cutting edge High Density WiFi solution using a Software Defined Networking-enabled (SDN) ‘bare metal’ technology approach.

Role within 5G-VICTORI

Zeetta’s main interest and contributions for the project will be on the vertical application demonstrations. Zeetta will participate in the use cases providing SDN software for application integration along with hardware necessary for the demonstration. Zeetta will participate in demo and will help to identify the demonstration architecture and the right components. Zeetta will develop necessary plugins for usecases, integrate them and run the necessary functionality tests to demonstrate the use cases. Zeetta networks will also contribute to methodology for measuring the KPIs and optimize the solution if necessary.

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