Function: Partner

Person responsible: Prof. Spyros Denazis


The University of Patras (UoP) is the third largest university in Greece with each own campus in the outskirts of Patras city. The Network Architectures and Management (NAM) group which represent the research aspect of the Greek cluster in this project acquired its expertise through collaborations with industry and a series of research national and European projects. It is currently comprised of 2 professors, 4 post-docs, 2 researchers-system developers and 7 PhD students. During the last ten years we have involved in many Future Internet Research (FIRE) projects: Panlab-PII, OpenLab, FORGE and coordinated others like VITAL++ and STEER. We are also the technical leaders of 5GinFIRE project, which targets to enable experimentation on top of 5G resources and infrastructures. UoP is currently deploying one of the main 5G facilities in 5G-VINNI, an ICT 17 project. We are also maintainers of a service that engages citizens to report issues across their city and the ThingsNetwork IoT infrastructure/community in Patras. Finally, UoP has participated and successfully completed Proof of Concept #14 for the NFV ISG and performed two successful demonstrations in IETF’s 88 and 90.

Role within 5G-VICTORI​

UoP’s main role in the project is to contribute the ICT-17 5G-VINNI Patras facility to the project as well to facilitate the creation of new private islands and interconnect them with the Patras facility. More specifically, UoP’s Patras facility will be extended to accommodate two important Verticals, the Railways and Energy along with their physical locations, trains and train stations as well as high power stations, respectively. The resulting facility (5G-VINNI and its extensions) will be used to host vertical services requiring slices capable of supporting all three service categories, eMBB, mMTC and URLLC. In addition, roaming and handover scenarios will also be developed and validated. Finally, UoP will be involved in cross-facility and cross-vertical scenarios and support their validation making use of the testing capabilities of the platform.


Our main expertise lies with the lifecycle management of experiments as well as the deployment and operation of experimental facilities. The facilities and corresponding components are integrating well established open source hosted by COTS equipment. This approach is being applied to build experimentation facilities based on white boxes. In addition, UoP has built tools that support experimentation and providing access to experimenters in open experimentation facilities.

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