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University of Patras (Patras5G) supports the 5G trials of Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO – ADMIE)

In the context of 5G-VICTORI project, University of Patras (UOP) seeks to expand the Patras5G indoor network and reach out to various verticals in their premises over the Patras area in order to ensure that co design and co development of unique tailor-made services will be tested at large scale. As far as the deployment is concerned, together with ICOM and all 5G VICTORI partners, we have designed and currently deployed a high capacity SDN-enabled backhaul link that safely interconnects the University of Patras cloud with ADMIE premises. Pictures below are taken during the setting up and calibration of the mmWave antennas, from a) UoP’s rooftop and b) HV power pole at ADMIE premises in November 2021, for the UoP-ADMIE link.

a) University of Patras’ rooftop
b) HV power pole at ADMIE premises

ADMIE also a partner in 5G VICTORI is deploying 5G technologies at its premises in Rio, in order to support the digital transformation of Power Transmission system and network, serve the Energy vertical with innovative services and future proof its digital infrastructure at national level. In a high voltage environment, with numerous legacy metering equipment, ADMIE seeks to integrate all digital infrastructure over a highly reliable low latency network that can provide preventive maintenance, real-time monitoring for all critical infrastructure and assets surveillance related services.

University of Patras deployed its 5G nomadic node and created a non-public 5G network at the premises of ADMIE in Patras Rion. Initial trials were performed in the context of 5G-VICTORI project with the support of 5G-VINNI, with 5G equipment deployed at the premises of ADMIE. These provide a large scale testing environment for both 5G deployments and vertical applications onboarding and support through Patras5G orchestration platforms.  Pictures below depict a) indoor and b) outdoor 5G deployments during testing at ADMIE premises.

a) Indoor 5G deployments
b) Outdoor 5G deployments

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