Institute of Accelerating Systems & Applications

Function: Partner

Person responsible: Anna Tzanakaki


The Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications (IASA) promotes research and postgraduate studies in the Greek university system. It is affiliated with six university departments: Medicine, Physics and Informatics of the National and Kapodirstrian University of Athens and Electrical & Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering and General Science of the National Technical University of Athens. IASA is an autonomous legal entity governed by a Board of Directors elected by the governing bodies of the two Universities. It is charged with pursuing research and promoting graduate studies in areas where accelerator related technologies play a major role. Its cross disciplinary character, its infrastructure and its expertise in enabling technologies have proven to provide particularly attractive and fertile ground on a number of technology-driven scientific fronts. IASA is currently engaged in many cutting-edge R&D projects. Several tens of graduate students (M. Sc. and Ph. D.) and post- docs have been carrying out research at IASA under the supervision of faculty from the two universities.

Role within 5G-VICTORI​

IASA will participate to the project in WP2 and more specifically will contribute to Task 2.3 Interfaces, subsystem, system and site integration in the common platform Centre Infrastructure with the aim to integrate the IASA private cloud infrastructure with the 5G-VINNI test-bed. In addition, IASA will also participate to the Future Mobility Use Case (Task 3.1) and the Energy Metering Use Case (Task 3.4) providing its Data Management Platform focusing on data collection, handling and big data analytics, as well as in the use case assessment activities (Task 3.4). IASA will also participate to Task 4.2 Technology Integration, Validation and field trial in the 5G-VINNI Platform and Task 4.5 Cross site integration, trials of co-existing services, validation and KPI evaluation. Finally, IASA will support the project dissemination and exploitation activities in the framework of WP5.


The computing activities of IASA have, in the past decade, focused in the field of distributed computing, running a GRID Operations Centre (GOC). IASA, as a JRU member of the Hellenic National GRID Initiative (NGI-GRNET) has been involved in the EGEE-I, EGEE-II, EGEE-ΙΙΙ and EGI-InSpire projects. As of May 2010, the IASA GRID Operations Centre has developed and has since been operating and maintaining the backend system of the European GRID Initiative (EGI) Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) Repository. More recently it has developed expertise in Data Management focusing on data collection, handling and big data analytics including design and implementation of data collection strategies and advanced signal processing algorithms applying machine learning techniques with particular emphasis in rail and energy ecosystems.

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