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5G-VICTORI Technical Meeting and Workshops

The 5G-VICTORI project held its Technical Coordination Meeting #7 at Deutsche Bahn premises in Berlin on 24th April.

After some technical presentations on the evolution of the work and the remaining work to be done during the last two months of the project, we triggered the 5G-VICTORI Workshop on Sustainable Business Modelling Design, chaired by Prof. Henning Breuer from UXBerlin.

The goals of the workshop were:

  • Provide an update on European frameworks implications for sustainable business modelling and ecosystem development
  • Inspire and facilitate self-directed utilization of the generic process model and its tools
  • Convey first-hand experience applying the tools to individual (future) services and their business models

And the work to be done until the end of the project involves to substantially advance the partners’ business models.

Additionally, the 5G-VICTORI Consortium participated in a 5G-VICTORI Workshop on Innovation and Exploitation Activities, chaired by Marc Emmelmann (Fraunhofer FOKUS). The goal of the Workshop was to capture the status of the innovation cycle in preparation for the Project Final Review.

On April 26th and 27th, the 5G-VICTORI Interim Review was held at Deutsche Bahn premises near Berlin Central Station. The Technical Manager of the project, Dr. Anna Tzanakaki from IASA/NKUA, presented the Technical Objectives of the Project and the challenges to come with the last field trials.

Also on April 26th, a field trial was conducted at the S-Bahn Schöneweide Train Maintenance Center. This trial showcased various use cases for digital mobility, rail critical services, and content delivery networks, all of which were able to access a modular and highly specialized 5G campus network.

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