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Media Services provisioning in Railway Environment

The demonstration and performance evaluation of Media Services over various 5G network deployments tailored to the railway environment is in the focus of 5G-VICTORI in the context of two attractive and yet realistic scenarios of service provisioning not only statically at the train station but also in conditions of mobility while the train is on the move; a number of media service streams will be offered, potentially adding up to Gb datarates for 200-300 passengers boarding a train in real environment.

On one hand, VoD (Video on Demand) services will be demonstrated over innovative CDN (Content Data Network) platforms that will be integrated into 5G network and railway infrastructures, leveraging VNF and edge computing capabilities as well as the Gb datarates of the 5G air interface. Large volumes of TV content streams or media library assets are cached/pre-fetched on an on-board server upon 5G network availability at train stops, using “data shower” techniques; thus, enabling subsequent view during inevitable, undesired disconnection periods. On the other hand, mobile TV services (through linear streaming) as part of a FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) set of services provided to train passengers will be demonstrated over a 5G network deployed both at the railway trackside infrastructure (poles, train station, etc.) and on-board.

COSMOTE, the leading mobile telecommunications provider in Greece, not only operates a state-of-the-art network to make sure, in every possible way that its customers will enjoy incredible speeds and reliability, wherever they are, but also it is continually investing in the future and innovation to realize its vision for a better world for everyone; which is also verified by its active and devoted participation in R&D EU funded projects with focal interest in the 5G-PPP initiatives well before the deployment of its 5G network. By focusing on the Greek trials that utilize the Patra’s facility (based on 5G-VINNI platform and TRAINOSE premises), the added value that COSMOTE intends to bring into the 5G-VICTORI project is the view and expertise of a mobile operator being also a multimedia service provider. In this context, COSMOTE provides COSMOTE TV content to enable VoD for “data-shower” demonstration, as well as the provisioning of infotainment services to the train passengers’ mobile handsets directly, indicating a “business services” dimension within the supported FRMCS Services. 

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