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Assessing the services of 5G-VICTORI through a sustainability lens – IZT takes on an important green perspective in EU project

Facing increasing energy demand that is driven by digitalization and a growing ICT sector, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal for a sustainable EU economy in December 2019. It focuses on three goals: zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, decoupling economic growth from resource consumption, and that no one, neither people nor regions, are left behind. This European Green Deal is intended to be the roadmap for a sustainable EU economy, and has major implications on the ICT industry. Furthermore, the 5G-PPP declares energy savings to be one out of seven key technological challenges that must be overcome.

Considering these circumstances, the 5G-VICTORI project incorporates sustainability aspects and takes them into account during the development and assessment of the vertical services that are assessed in the different 5G-VICTORI European 5G facilities. The IZT – Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment in Berlin, Germany, develops a cross-site use case assessment framework to examine these services in terms of technical functionality, paying attention to economic, social, user-centered and ecological indicators, with a focus on sustainability aspects. IZT seeks the identification of potential impacts at national and European level by considering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

IZT and UXBerlin develop sustainable business models for use cases together with the 5G-VICTORI partners. Three sustainable business modelling workshops are conducted collaboratively with the goal of developing and refining innovative ideas through a multi-dimensional view of the value proposition and revenue models of each service.

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