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Urban Hawk is driving the Future Mobility concept in 5G-VICTORI

Built on its Polaron World Engine, major transport infrastructure such as railway stations and travel hubs are digitised in 10 cm spatial resolution in 3D with the help of Lidar and an array of depth cameras. So called digital twins of the station areas are generated. The overall goal is to gain improved situational awareness, and through that to create a much smoother multi modal travel experience for passengers. To seamlessly connect the first and last legs of long distance journeys to rail and air travel with emphasis on current and near future micro mobility options. To drive travel costs and times down while offering a much personalized experience. Accessed through passenger smart phones, connected to the world of the Polaron engine via 5G to enjoy the benefits of centimeter precision indoor guidance:

  • Never miss the right exit;
  • stand at platforms where the fitting door will be as the train stops;
  • walk routes that suit personal needs or luggage or disability;
  • include more active travel or carbon emission reduction as desired;
  • plan in ways that a cup of takeaway coffee can fit in time and route as well.

From full 3D walkthroughs to AR guidance visuals overlaid on the smartphone camera imagery, 5G utilization keeps latencies on minimum to keep the camera and the visuals in perfect sync. Large bandwidth to enable smartphone cameras to stream back up-to-date snapshots of station areas to keep the digital twins accurate up to the hour. That enables blocked entrances or malfunctioning escalators to appear in the data as things break down or restart. Thereby keeping suggested guidance routes accurate and hassle free.

Urban Hawk has commercial follow on steps in planning, and some already in action. First revenue sharing contracts with travel and accommodation booking providers already established. Service rollout at Berlin Central train station, Bristol Temple Meads and London Paddington is scheduled for 2022, under Urban Hawk’s freemium business model. More to come soon. Watch this space!

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