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5G PPP Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation Working Group announces ICT-52 White Paper on Beyond 5G/6G KPIs and Target Values

5GPPP TMV has published a new white paper, the main objective of which is to present the current view of B5G and 6G KPIs from 5G PPP phase III projects with a focus on projects of the ICT-52 call. The document provides an overview of KPIs based on B5G use cases and visions and an initial evaluation of how they extend current 5G KPIs definitions and target values. This work has been supported by active 5G-PPP projects, with 5G-VICTORI being one of them.

The white paper is intended to be updated and re-published every year to track the B5G and 6G KPIs evolutions. Future version of this report will also integrate more information on KPIs target values and definition of methodology for how to measure them.

The white paper is available here.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6577506.

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