5G-VICTORI contributes to 5GPPP’s Software Networks WG White Paper on Network Applications

The 5G-VICTORI project recently made a significant contribution to the 5GPPP’s Software Networks Working Group white paper on Network Applications. Digital Catapult, a partner in the 5G-VICTORI project, contributed a section on 5G-VIOS and other introduction sections to the paper. The white paper, titled “Network Applications: Opening up 5G and beyond networks“, discusses the different […]

Presentation of 5G-VICTORI’s Standardization Activities at the IEEE Standards Summit 2022

On Wednesday, November 30th, our colleague Kostas Katsaros (Digital Catapult) gave a virtual presentation on the Standardization Activities of 5G-VICTORI at the IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking held in Thessaloniki, Greece. The IEEE Standards Thessaloniki Summit 2022 is part of a successful series of 5G Summits that have been held since 2015 […]

A10 Networks interviews Kostas Katsaros (Digital Catapult) on Edge Computing, IIoT and Mobile Networks

Our colleague Kostas Katsaros, senior 5G technologist at Digital Catapult, was recently interviewed by A10 Networks as part of their “5G: Secure What Matters” blog post series. Regarding the impact of 5G on the future of mobility, Katsaros said: ” With 8 billion passengers travelled on national railway networks in the EU-27 in 2018, getting proper […]

Digital Catapult develops a cross-testbed connectivity management platform

Digital Catapult, UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, is a collaborative partner on the 5G-VICTORI project and aims to showcase how advanced 5G technology can transform services in dynamic and diverse environments. Digital Catapult will design the 5G VICTORI Operation System (5G-VIOS) that enables the dynamic interconnection of these multiple 5G testbeds, as well […]