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5G-VICTORI contributes to 5GPPP’s Software Networks WG White Paper on Network Applications

The 5G-VICTORI project recently made a significant contribution to the 5GPPP’s Software Networks Working Group white paper on Network Applications. Digital Catapult, a partner in the 5G-VICTORI project, contributed a section on 5G-VIOS and other introduction sections to the paper.

The white paper, titled “Network Applications: Opening up 5G and beyond networks“, discusses the different implementations of network applications conducted by ICT-41 projects, considering various API types and different levels of trust between the verticals and the CSP (communication service provider). The paper also includes the perspectives of projects from ICT-52 and ICT-42, with a total of 12 5G-PPP projects contributing to the paper.

Read the White Paper here.

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