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ADMIE contribution to 5G-VICTORI’s UC # 2: “Digitization of Power Plants”

The main objective of the “Digitization of Power Plants” Use Case is to extend the capabilities of the Patras 5G-VINNI facility to support Smart Factory services of diverse KPIs and requirements, such as preventive maintenance and monitoring of critical infrastructures, over a private 5G network.

ADMIE, the Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece, provides its facilities in Rio and Antirio to be used as a testbed for demonstrating various key aspects of 5G technology and their benefits in critical power grid infrastructures. Specifically, the two sites, which are separated by sea, are electrically connected via a submarine cable of 150kV. The real-time monitoring of the operation state of the cable is crucial to the overall stability of the transmission system. To this end, a multitude of new types of sensors will be installed at the two sites, demonstrating the capability of 5G technology to handle effectively many sensors of different networking technologies and support time critical applications.

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