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Media Services in Railway Environments for Onboard Infotainment and enhanced Safety and Security

The Media industry is gradually finding a fertile environment and expanding its offerings over transportation means. More and more transport organizations have started to integrate media services into their operation, with notable examples being the infotainment and the safety/security scenarios. In the context of 5G-VICTORI, the provisioning of Media services for these two scenarios will be demonstrated.

Specifically, high quality Live streaming and Video on Demand (VoD) content services will be offered to train passengers for the duration of their trip, with the aid of a multi-level hierarchical virtualized Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution and the high data rates of the underlying 5G network infrastructure. Thanks to 5G-NR (New Radio) connectivity at the train stations and an intelligent end-to-end caching mechanism, the trains will be able to locally prefetch large volumes of high quality live/VoD content and refresh it with up-to-date content at each train stop. Passengers will stream their fresh content of preference uninterrupted via their mobile devices, connected to the Train cache, leading to enhanced user experience throughout the trip. At the same time, media services over 5G infrastructure will facilitate surveillance of train stations, through 4K VR/360° cameras operated remotely by railway security staff. 5G Network Services will be employed to cover both the requirement for high data bandwidth for the transfer of the voluminous camera streams to remote locations, as well as the requirement for reliable ultra low latency communication to support control signaling and field-of-view (FoV) rotation without motion sickness of the camera operator.

Intracom Telecom Solutions SA is a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, operating for over 40 years in the market and participating in major ICT projects worldwide. Intracom Telecom’s wide solution portfolio includes a full-service CDN commercial solution, namely fs|cdn® Anywhere, which enables service providers to deliver high-quality video to any television, computer, smartphone or tablet, smoothly bundling middleware & conditional access and offering live TV, video on demand, restart TV, network DVR and TV anywhere over any managed or unmanaged network. Building on its expertise in media/content distribution, as well as on its know-how in coupling CDN solutions with 5G systems and technologies empowered through its participation in numerous 5G PPP EU research projects, Intracom Telecom is supporting the 5G-VICTORI Railway Media Services by providing a virtualized CDN solution for the Live/VoD onboard streaming scenario, based on the company’s fs|cdn® Anywhere solution. Moreover, Intracom Telecom is assisting the remote surveillance scenario by providing 4K VR/360° camera equipment and implementing the real-time monitoring and motion sickness avoidance mechanisms.

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