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5G-VICTORI pilot featured in the third ‘5G-PPP Infrastructure -Trials and Pilots’ brochure

The latest edition of the ‘5G-PPP Infrastructure -Trials and Pilots’ brochure featured 5G-VICTORI’s Digital Mobility: Public Safety, Security and Infotainment Pilot among the latest PPP Trials & Pilots achievements. The pilot has been deployed this year in the Romanian facility in Alba Iulia with the aim to increase safety and comfort for citizens. The trial system enabled two 5G services: infotainment in public buses and AI recognition of emergency situations. Further details of this pilot can be found in the brochure, among other 9 successful trials and pilots.

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme comprises several funded projects organized in three distinctive phases, namely specification, development and experimentation/pilots. The Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects have validated, trialled, and piloted the 5G technology in many vertical sectors (e.g., Automotive, Industry, Media & Entertainment, Public Safety, Health, Energy, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, etc.). 5G-VICTORI is included in the third part of 5G-PPP Phase 3, involving advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries.

The third “5G Infrastructure PPP – Trials & Pilots” brochure leverages the experience from the previous editions (including call for inputs and selection by a panel of experts) and brings to the readers’ attention 10 additional Phase 2 and Phase 3 Trials & Pilots that were recently completed, including 5G-VICTORI’s Digital Mobility Use Case. These Trials and pilots have been evaluated and selected from over 25 candidates, based on several pre-defined criteria (e.g., impact of 5G networks, achieved KPI, Technology and Market Readiness Levels, societal impact, 5G empowerment etc.)

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