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PaxLife presented 5G-VICTORI at IT-Trans 2022

From May 10th to 12th, 5G-VICTORI partner PaxLife Innovations participated in IT-Trans 2022, an international conference and exhibition on IT solutions for Public Transport held in Karlsruhe, Germany. For three days, Karlsruhe was the melting pot for 6,500 public transport professionals from 71 countries, 800 conference delegates, 180 speakers, and 276 exhibitors The event welcomed numerous decision-makers and industry experts in the public transport sector to exchange, discuss and redevelop digital solutions and latest technological innovations that matter in public transport. Representatives from Paxlife Innovations participated in the exhibition, hosting a booth which provided participants and visitors with information about their activities and the 5G-VICTORI project.

On May 12th, Ralf Cabos, Founder and Managing Director at PaxLife Innovations, had a presentation slot at the Workshop Session 04 focusing on “Building future mobility with 5G and Telecommunications“, where he explained how to meet the demand for streaming media apps onboard rail. A description of the workshop is provided below:

“In recent years, the demand for the use of streaming services (such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ etc…) has increased dramatically, and this trend will continue, generating massive and growing data consumption by media users, even during travel time. In regards to the network requirements, delivering to the edge (to the trains) remains a tremendous challenge. If it is widely recognized that 5G technology will one day be a crucial element in making passengers on a train or bus feel digitally ‘at home’, but 5G technology alone will struggle to deliver the fully connected journey that passengers expect. Is there an interim way, affordable to all stakeholders, to accelerate the capability we seek in terms of full 5G adoption? Join us to understand how the on-board content caching – via a Content Delivery Network software integrated into a vehicle´s server – allows to offload data traffic related to media consumption, from the vehicle’s network; this reduces data consumption costs while improving the digital experience of passengers. As an outlook, the role of Content Delivery Network in media delivery both on network as well as in vehicle – side is demonstrated in the EU Horizon 2020 5G-VICTORI project”

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